Ten days ago I was renewed. My water baptism is one of the best surprises in my unexpected journey at the Lion City.

I am called by the Lord in a dream. It will definitely be a part of my writing journey, but what matters now is I can be what I love… a story teller.

Three months beforehand, I was heartbroken by a dream that I pursued for almost eight years. Little did I know that it would be a great blessing in disguise.

I was clouded by fear and doubts. It was definitely easier to hide again in the darkness. But apparently, God has something special planned for me. It is truly better than I could ever imagine.

Seven days ago, I am blessed to be back home to be a living testimony of hope. While I am waiting for another blessing to unfold, everyday is a step closer to my healing.

I am broke. I am clueless of what tomorrow holds. I am living in God’s grace through my loyal friends. I was lost, but He found me. I never thought I’d be given this kind of chance to rebuild my life. But He is good, all the time.

My repentant heart is discovering a new path to fulfill my purpose. For the longest time I was praying that He guides me to make a difference. Will I be a peacemaker, if I don’t have a contagious peace inside me? I thought so too.

This is a story teller’s journey in finding and creating peace, inside out. Let me bless you with His beautiful works of transformation in my life.