At a young age, reading became my passion. My joy and adventures from all the books I’ve read is priceless. However, this all time classic knocked on my heart just recently.

I am familiar with some of the bible stories since I was a kid. But more often than not, the best treasure that we have is right in front of us and we barely notice it. The word of God is more than just stories… they’re answers and lessons for our humble lives.
This new bible is a gift from my two stars and newfound friends and mentors. It is spcial and handy than my previous one, and I know that it will be a part of my wondeful journey of faith.

Discovering the meaning of this amazing book is an endless feat. We cannot dismiss the varied versions and different interpretations over the centuries. But one thing is for sure…

It is a lamp to my feet and a shining light out of my dark path.