Running out of time. I’ve always felt suffocated because my concept of time before was based on my ridiculous deadlines. The more I did things my way, which I thought was faster and easier, the more I drowned in disappointments. God’s timing is perfect. Currently, the gravity of the meaning of His time in my life is beyond any description that I can think of. But I am certain that I am truly living everyday anew, as He makes a way for me even though it seems there are no other options. Blessed are those who seek and realize the true value and timing of His grace, I respect and admire your examples.

Being late really bothers me. Since I’ve found discipline in being on time, I always did my best to keep that practice. I was chained by excuses and tardiness a few years ago, and the liberating feeling of being early or being on time, is a great reward. The other day, heavy traffic pulled all the strings of my patience and for the first time, I tried to remain calm in the midst of the crazy jam.Whenever my mind haunts me that I’ll be late for work and I am wasting a lot precious time – 3 hours to be exact… I referred to the wonderful verse from the book of Ecclesiastes. I made it right on time for my night shift at the hospital, that’s definitely the best part of my day.

On the other hand, time management is certainly a challenging aspect in my life. As I learn to listen and obey His will, it also takes time to unlearn a lot of routines that consumes me everyday. I need to make time for the new essential habits that would help me rebuild my life and faith. There are moments when I can feel the sting of weakness and hopelessness. Even though it doesn’t make sense, I refocus on the endless possibilities of His grace in my life. To be filled with peace and excitement is so much better than anguish and bitterness. But again, to get back on point, I need to manage my time wisely and effectively. So, let’s see when I’ll make progress! 🙂

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven” -Ecc 3:1