​Inspired despite disappointments. My year started out on a positive note, but slowly and surely, it disheartened me. I clearly recall a night of frustration and tears that shook me well. But beyond those fragile moments, there is always a ray of light. Someone. Something. Makes you hold on for dear life.

Rediscovered grief. I thought that the 2nd half of the year would be smoother. It turned out to be the extreme opposite. Grief came in various forms. When you love people, their sorrows and pain, partly becomes yours. Like it or not, it opens up your own wounds too.

Impossible dreams. After celebrating twenty nine years of existence, my life made a colorful scene. Dark heartache because of a denied visa, vibrant leap of fate in a foreign country until it all became a joyful hue of hope. Each event happened so fast, that once I felt my dreams were broken into pieces… an even greater future and adventure unfolded right in front of me. This season of my life, is definitely better than any crazy roller coaster ride.

Surprisingly anew. Perspective, direction and heart. All of me is revived in faith. Blessings in disguise may seem like an overused cliché in my vocabulary, but its priceless value will never change. This year surpassed all the personal struggles that I’ve encountered and I know I will be stronger to face more trials as I press on to fulfill my purpose.

Iris/ Irises may mean a color, an integral part of the eye, a flower and many other things. I’d love to refer to it though, in the essence of a rainbow goddess. The messenger of the gods that embodies new endeavors. As I welcome another new year… As I redefine my humble life… may rainbows fill each day with gentle hope and peace in my heart.