I am claiming my dreams and destiny. The reality of 2017 is kicking in. I asked for a chance and now, here it is.

I booked my plane ticket last Jan 11, I am back in Singapore on the 14th, a week ago was my dear friend’s civil wedding and I went for my pre-employment medical examination on the 17th. It takes a lot of energy and commitment to dedicate yourself for making a lot of good changes in your life. At least for me it feels that way, because I don’t wanna go back to my darkness. Turning my words into actions is a crucial step in this process.

As I settle down in my new found home, I am also preparing a good queue of books that would enrich my mind for the coming weeks. One of my stars handed me a book by Joyce Meyer. In her bio, it said that she already authored more than ninety inspirational books. Ninety! My friend and I were amazed that she has a great gift and she has plenty of things to share. So he dared ask me, “How about you, what do you wanna say?”

What to say… I have a lot. I write a lot of daily reflections and my mind is still filled with words waiting to be written down. How to say it right though, how to open it all up… that’s the question I ask myself. Slowly and surely (even if this gets redundant in my writing, pardon me), I’d love to learn more and finally say everything that I want to say.