My first time for the daily prompt. Excited and unorganized at 1am, here goes senseless typing.

Miles away from home, but almost near with my dear fluffy pet dog. I close my eyes and just remember Ulap’s vanilla-like scent after her luxury bath. Then she runs to our kitchen and she starts to linger because my mother is cooking her one and only specialty dish, Adobo. The house is filled with its delicious aroma and even if I am not yet hungry, it lures me to eat heartily.

My least favorite part in the mall or any department store, is the perfume section. The mixture of mild and wild scents overwhelms my olfactory nerves if I stay there for more than ten minutes. Months ago, in a foreign land, in a claustrophobic bargain superstore, hypersensitivity knocked my senses out. I had colds and flu for a week, which was funny and frustrating at the same time. Never again will I dare that place. Never again.

Must I forget a particular scent or should I deal with the memory of the person first? It baffles me that my brain would still trigger such longing with a tiny whiff of his/that scent. I applaud such Italian excellence in their art of  perfumery. Although, I cannot give them credit for the charm and warmth while he wore that scent. It was his own.