My Life Group leader asked me if I could share my baptism testimony. It seems such a simple request. But I asked her to give me time to think abou it.

I am a private person not because I am being indifferent. I just mind my own business and I make it a point to use my social media accounts responsibly. A friend thinks I am a ‘deep’ person. If the depth of sorrows before were involved, then yes, I guess I am. I am generally shallow and I laugh at the simpliest silliest things. If my words appear to be quite opinionated and matter-of-fact, it applies to those that I am passionate about. There are plenty of things that I am still clueless about, but the fire of my passion to learn is a definite priority in my life.

If my story appears to be deep, I forgot the main reason why it is even written in the first place. Everything that I am and who I will become is all crafted by God’s wisdom. Penned in His faithful will and creativity. I’ve struggled for quite sometime to write my own story. In vain I have discovered that I cannot do it alone.

After our fellowship night last Friday i realized why I must share my story. It ain’t mine. It is His story, written for me.