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Let Go of Your Earthly Desires

My six-word story for this year will be an incredible feat.

It is what I need.

His will for my life feels so magnificent that I can’t wait to live fully and happily in this Earth and wait joyously for the coming of His kingdom.

Make everyday count!


Seventh Heaven


I clearly remember their happy faces smiling back at me. Seventh Heaven 🙂 We grew up in a country miles away from theirs, but the Camden’s story is also a part of my family’s journey.

The Lord’s number or a number of completion, seven. In the story of creation and many other wonderful instances, He showed His divine grace through this symbol.

A week of revival is definitely overwhelming. I’m just a small seed in a vast forest of great minds. Blooming where you are planted ain’t easy, but do you suppose a wild flower like me can take this chance? My own seventh heaven is budding. I can feel it!



Sometimes… rhymes hides my fears… smiles mask my tears

But most of the time…

My heart is filled with simple joys… That I simply found in u


*an ode for u, written before i started missing u*


​the rustling leaves

and drizzling

made no difference at all

as it kisses my skin

and warms my cold heart


*My friend and I enjoyed a nice jog tonight and while we basked in the cool breeze after the rain, we played with words to ease the the weight of a tiring day.*



Moments and time are valued differently, depending on our perspective and current situation. Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the “right or opportune moment” (thanks Wikipedia!). After a few months of uncertainty, I know now that I am claiming my destiny. But am I ready to embrace to this moment? Am I ready for all the responsibility that it entails?

Our fellowship last night focused on keeping the momentum of our spiritual lives. Walking in faith definitely requires vigilance and the consciousness to stay on God’s path. I still have plenty of questions and I don’t have all the answers…

But this is the moment to rebuild and make everything right.

Sense of Smell and Sensibility

My first time for the daily prompt. Excited and unorganized at 1am, here goes senseless typing.

Miles away from home, but almost near with my dear fluffy pet dog. I close my eyes and just remember Ulap’s vanilla-like scent after her luxury bath. Then she runs to our kitchen and she starts to linger because my mother is cooking her one and only specialty dish, Adobo. The house is filled with its delicious aroma and even if I am not yet hungry, it lures me to eat heartily.

My least favorite part in the mall or any department store, is the perfume section. The mixture of mild and wild scents overwhelms my olfactory nerves if I stay there for more than ten minutes. Months ago, in a foreign land, in a claustrophobic bargain superstore, hypersensitivity knocked my senses out. I had colds and flu for a week, which was funny and frustrating at the same time. Never again will I dare that place. Never again.

Must I forget a particular scent or should I deal with the memory of the person first? It baffles me that my brain would still trigger such longing with a tiny whiff of his/that scent. I applaud such Italian excellence in their art of  perfumery. Although, I cannot give them credit for the charm and warmth while he wore that scent. It was his own.


Grace (Mission Story)


“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way…” Samantha happily sang the Christmas carol while her friend Apple bashfully stepped aside. The lady in blue was happy to hear that one of the kids was able to share her talent. As a gift, Samantha got 2 donuts, while Apple only got 1 piece. Both kids ran towards the end of the bus terminal when they got their treat. The lady in red said, “Wow! You are really being welcomed by children for this mission.” The lady in blue nodded in awe, “I hope we don’t run out of donuts before we even meet Tracy and her life group.”

Jeremy saw his friends huddled in the corner, counting donuts. “Can I have some?” One of the kids replied, “I’m afraid we don’t have enough to share. We only have 7.” Samantha had a genius idea. “Why don’t you approach the ladies sitting on the bench and maybe they’d give you a donut too.” Jeremy shrugged, but he slowly started walking towards them.

The lady in red asked his name and urged him to share any talent, but Jeremy lost his nerve. “Can I just have a piece of doughnut?” She smiled, “Well, that’s our only rule. Sing a song, dance or do any trick and then you’ll get a reward.” He remained silent for a while and as he held on to a heap of coins on his right hand, he claimed “I’m already hungry”. The ladies encouraged him to do any presentation, but their efforts were in vain. Jeremy ran to the back alley as he saw the other kids approaching him. “Don’t mind him, he is really shy.” Samantha said. “Too bad he wasn’t able to enjoy the tasty doughnut. By the way, do you even know why we give gifts and celebrate Christmas?” The lady in blue asked. They cheerfully replied, “Yes we do! It’s the birthday of the son of God.” To satisfy her joy, she asked the name of the son of God. “His name is Jesus!” It was indeed a blessed beginning, because after a few more inquiries, the ladies found out that Samantha’s mother used to be a missionary. A simple moment of waiting, turned out to be a graceful time of giving.


Mori made an unexpected mission before Christmas and together with Cait, an unexpected companion as well, they found themselves in the heart of Pampanga. “I hope some of them are wearing yellow and white. Since I’m already in blue and you are in red, we’d already complete the colors of our national flag!” Mori made a hopeful declaration to Cait with those colors. Lo and behold, Tracy walked in the restaurant wearing an attractive yellow-mustard dress and 3 young girls with her, were wearing white. They started their evening with a delightful story, filled with good food for the body and for the soul.

Now here’s a glimpse of the three ladies, young at heart. Tracy’s ministry for the youth is quite challenging but her bubbly and vibrant energy is a beautiful example of leadership. Mori’s love for children and her gift of music is a remarkable model of dedication. Cait just started her journey of faith, and her curiosity is leading her to spiritual healing. Meanwhile, the young warriors of faith each has an inspiring story to tell. Mark claims to be a mysterious young fellow but his peers already prophesied his destiny as a future pastor. Angelic Angel and Dorky Donna are sisters and their light is beginning to shine among their family and friends. Aside from them, there’s the avid basketball player Brian, Jayson the joker and the jamming Jofer. Nadine’s nice smile and Ailene’s adorable laugh is a must for their life group, while Jelly’s walk with God should not be missed, because it is a joyful reflection of her character. Tomorrow is her third and final attempt for water baptism. After all the hindrances, she’d finally end her longing and begin a new chapter of her renewed life.


“Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked…” It is only fitting to start a day of baptism with the first words of blessing in the book of Psalms. Armed with her guitar, Mori lead the group in a wonderful hymn of praise. Indeed there is no perfect time to share talents and wisdom, because we are always given a chance to reach out to others and make every moment perfect through the example of Jesus’ mission. Being a witness to the transformation of young lives was also heartwarming for Cait. Her joy from her own baptism only a few weeks ago, was magnified by this fruitful day.

Tracy expected that only three of her wards would be baptized that Wednesday afternoon, but Jayson willingly joined Jelly, Jofer and Donna in their unforgettable day. Prayers were offered and loving testimonies of faith were shared before the four of them were baptized. There is no dove with a shining light and no dramatic sound coming from the clouds, but there were definite voices singing “…I’m coming back to the heart of worship and it’s all about you Jesus”


The beauty of baptism is written and told by so many people, but the experience is for you to feel and cherish. How can this mere ritual bring astounding change? Water is a normal part of our daily lives. To be immersed in a body of water is definitely not an extraordinary event. But if we examine our hearts and once we truly hear His message for our lives, we allow the symbol of water to soak us with His amazing grace. We begin to take part in the fulfillment of His promises of forgiveness and salvation. To those who are lost, who are waiting for the answers… it may surprise you that He is also waiting for your hearts to be found. He will restore everything that you lack, not only with enough, but with more than you could ever ask for.


The Intensive Care Unit seemed an unlikely place to start my draft, but December was a struggling month for me and my desire to write and complete a short story was a priority. Ten years is way too long for me. I’ve written letters and prose, but to organize my thoughts and finish a story was a big challenge for me.

My freedom to pray with the true language of my heart is the best starter gift for this year. As I seek guidance and wisdom to express my current joy in my walk of faith, I know my words will not be enough to show how grateful I am. At last, I am over the drafting phase. One story is truly significant for me. It’s still rough on some parts, but I can’t wait to write more and grow. The best is yet to overflow from my heart.

Weddings & Playlists


I’m currently sitting across my friend who got married a week ago. They had a simple civil ceremony, with 2 witnesses. I was her witness, florist, photographer, stylist and make-up artist (which is definitely the least of my skills!). I am her friend, and sister, who held her cold clammy hands as we went on our way to the local marriage registry office. Our prep time was much longer than the actual ceremony. In less than 15 minutes, they were solemnized and I almost didn’t capture their first official kiss as husband and wife. We were like schoolchildren in joyous disbelief when we wen out of the office of the principal, er… the solemnizer.

She smiled in awe last Monday when she told me that she’s already someone’s wife for a week. They’re both still in cloud nine, and so am I. I can’t wait to tell her that me, being the single gal in our beloved group of three, is also staring at her with such hope and wonder. Our dreams are slowly falling into place. Bit by bit, we are building the foundations of our future. The age is certainly but  a number now, the wisdom is what truly counts.

As we are prepare for their wedding church ceremony on October, where there will be far more witnesses than just 2 people, the wedding playlist is a vital part of the celebration. Her husband, 9 years older than her, is a hands-on planning groom. The genres will definitely be diverse,  but we’re already anticipating an amazing vibe and energy from their friends and guests. If I get to pick a favorite from all the choices they are currently playing… I think I’m gonna go for this classic jam, ‘I wanna dance with somebody…’

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